Vacation Rentals

We’ve built a comprehensive vacation rental program for over a decade. With many rentals available, we take care of everything.

Key Holding

For all your property requirements, from monthly checks to fully serviced contracts. We can take care of all your property requirements.

Renter Screening

If you’re worried about renting to people who will trash your vacation home, our screening process protects your investment.

Marketing Program

Our marketing program helps ensure you won’t have to worry about finding holiday rentals or those reliable long term tenants.



At Costa Calida One Stop, you’re family.



Sue and Ian of Costa Calida One Stop have many successful years of marketing and letting out properties for long term lets or short term holiday accommodation. 
Since moving to Camposol, they decided to form a new and legally registered company
to assist property owners around the area gain extra income when the properties may otherwise be sitting empty. Costa Calida One Stop has access to advertising opportunities on international holiday sites, including  They are very pro-active in promoting their clients properties and work closely with them to maximize their calendar within their own guidelines.  In addition to gaining clients they also offer the following extra services: Key Holding;  Meet & Greet;  Pool Services; Cleaning & Laundry Services; Maintenance of Inventory Lists; Property Maintenance For clients who are renting with a view to buying in the area. Costa Clida One Stop can also provide introductions to Banks, Financial and Legal Advice, Estate Agencies etc.


Clients regularly mention how working with us is like working with a friend. Instead of a cold professional experience, we work with you to ensure that you’re getting everything you need out of your property management experience. We’ll develop a completely customized experience for you.